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19 12, 2015

How To Find Any Gmail Password Using Gmail Password Breaker

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The new GMAIL PASSWORD BREAKER software is able to decrypt and hack any Gmail password through the click of a button! Decoding any of your lost google mail accounts passwords in just a few minutes. Whatever length the unknown password has, the advanced crack algorithm of this app, which has been tested over months, will deliver any user password requested!


This is an extremely awesome application and an excellent easy trick to hack someone’s gmail account! Decoding a password manually is impossible! The one thing you need to do is certainly to build your very own Gmail Hacker and send out this Gmail hacker to the victim.  The simplest way to discover or regain a GMAIL password fast can be through the use of a powerful coded software program such as the above mentioned app! This Gmail hacker is known to be updated everytime and is listed among the best softwares to hack Gmail password.
This tool also is capable to hack/crack most accounts from Yahoo,Gmail and Hotmail passwords among countless additional supported email providers! Another Extra Feature: Instantly decrypt and recover stored Google password from Google desktop applications, Popular Web browsers and Messengers.

Hack Any Gmail Email Password!



The normal way is to reset your password with your account email:

Open your Gmail account

Click on the tab of setting icon

Click on the option Change Password

Type in the current password

now retype the new password and confirm it

Click on Submit tab.

But what to do if the Gmail Password Reset is not working or you can’t remember your user account? Just try the Gmail Password Hacker coded by our hacker community!


We supply this and many other password related apps inside the

Password Cracking Tools Download Section



Each one of the previously listed applications […]

11 12, 2014

How to Hack Gmail Password or a Google Account

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Everyone knows Google and many of the internet users also use Googles Email service called Gmail. Gmail is one of the biggest and most widely used email services around the woridl. To show some stats, the Gmail email service has about 520-530 Million active users by June 2014.

Hacking a Gmail address can come in handy if you lose your account password, manage other people’s business accounts or simply want to improve your computer skills.

If you want to crack or hack a Gmail passwords, you can try to hack Gmail with browser settings, phishing and keylogging software and special scripts. This alternative way of hacking by using some smart phishing techniques is very easy and gets described inside this howto.

Learning these common hacks can help to protect your computer from hackers!

Using Chrome to Hack Gmail
Using Phishing to Hack Gmail
Using Password Reminder Java Script
Using Keylogging Software


A very common way to hack into someones Gmail account is accomplished with the use of a Fake Login Page. This is called “Phishing” and is one of the most used hacking techniques around the web. These fake login pages will look exactly like the original webpage you are used to, so the person who visits the webpage doesn’t even recognice that he is looking at a fake website! But as soon as the website surfer types in any username and password the account data gets send to the hacker and is lost forever! Beware of such websites and always check the address bar again to be sure! However creating a fake login page and taking it online to successfully hack a Gmail password is not an easy job. It demands an in depth technical knowledge of HTML and scripting languages […]

2 12, 2014

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock & Remove iCloud

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If you also had problems using a iCloud bypass, try the one our hackz friends compiled together for our community!
Do you have a iCloud locked Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and are you sure you can’t unlock it ?

The new updated Doulci Activator 2.0 (Final Version) is able to bypass iCloud activation problems without the use of iTunes or any other Apple software!
Features of Bypass iCloud Activation:

This is the only working tool that can bypass the icloud activation process on every Apple iOS device!

How Does The iCloud Lock Bypass Tool Work?
The users iCloud account is stored on the apple device. Using the iCloud Activation hack this restricted account gets removed and all locked device funtions, like access to any app, administration for any calls, fully wifi support and many more get activated. Just get our step by step iCloud Activation Bypass guide and unlock your apple device within a few minutes for free!

Do I Need Any Special Drivers Installed To Use This Software?
With the new version there is no need to install any extra drivers or other workarounds anymore! You just need iTunes installed to use the activation hack, you don’t have to run it! You also need: .NET Framework, a apple device usb cable and last but least a fresh java version and you are ready to go!

Mini Step By Step Tutorial
Connect the apple device in DFU mode then check the folder iOS7 or iOS8 for the .deb file. Use this file in the same folder as the iCloud lock remover app. After this step you click on “Delete iCloud Account” followed by clicking on “Start”. Now the tool starts to modify the iCloud activation. This will take a few minutes and after you […]

17 01, 2014

Password Cracking Techniques

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Do you really think your password is secure?
Think again about it! This post will show you how secure your password is in real!

Password Cracking

Before we get into cracking passwords with programs, I will explain a couple old-fashioned ways to obtain someone’s password.

Social Engineering – Social engineering is when a hacker takes advantage of trusting human beings to get information from them. For example, if the hacker was trying to get the password for a co-workers computer, he (Even though I use “he”, hackers are of both genders, and I just chose to use “he” in these examples.) could call the co-worker pretending to be from the IT department. The conversation could be something like: Bob- “Hello Suzy. My name is Bob and I’m from the IT department. We are currently attempting to install a new security update on your computer, but we can’t seem to connect to the user database and extract your user information. Would you mind helping me out and letting me know your password before my boss starts breathing down my neck? It’s one of those days, ya’ know?” Suzy would probably feel bad for Bob and let him know her password without any hesitation. And we got what we want! She got social engineered. Now the hacker can do whatever he pleases with her account.
Shoulder surfing – Shoulder surfing is exactly what it sounds like. The hacker would simply attempt to look over your shoulder as you type in your password. The hacker may also watch weather you glance around your desk, looking for a written reminder or the written password itself.
Guessing – If you use a weak password, a hacker could simple guess it by using the information he […]

10 01, 2014

Yahoo Password Decryptor

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Decrypt Yahoo Account Passwords with just a few clicks. This tool can decrypt Yahoo platfrom accounts. The yahoo password decryptor is a very complex and pretty well tested tool. The software gets updated regulary if yahoo did any changes to the password algorithm. You can retrieve passwords with any length and complexity. Yahoo Password Decrypter will just take a few minutes for it’s cracking task.

10 01, 2014

Yahoo Password Cracker

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Tutorial for hacking into Yahoo Accounts
It happens to anyone sooner or later… you forgot a password to some old email account and you urgently have to get some mails from this user account. The usual way now would be to send a note to the yahoo recovery service but the problem with this is you have to know your alternative email address and your secret question or your mobil number if you entered any in your settings. What to do if you cannot remember any of this settings?

Another problem is that Yahoo! is using a auto lock security mechanism that should protect the account from unauthorized access. This may also happen to the real user if he as example tries to login with a wrong writte password for at least three times you get blocked and cannot login to the account for a whole day. Here you find a method to immediatly get acces again to the blocked user account.
How to Hack Yahoo! E-Mail Account Password?

Step 1: The easy way is to download the Yahoo Password Hacker setup package and install it properly in your computer. (See the setup information if you need to install some extra packages)
Step 2: Start up the hacking tool and select Yahoo! Mail Password Recovery / Hack from the dropdown list.
Step 3: Click on “Start Hacking!”. After a few minutes depending on your internet connection and your pc power you will see a panel with all the needed user profile information. Including all relevant data you need to reset the password. The recent password, user name, second email address and the security answer will be shown and can be saved to a document.

As you see this task only needs […]

6 01, 2014

Gmail Password Cracker

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Now You Can Start To Hack Any Gmail Password With Just A Few Mouse Clicks!
Get all you need to hack into any gmail account for free! You will learn all secrets how to hack into email accounts and how to use some private exploits or you can just use the ready made mail hacking tools on our website. The tools will save you alot of time and work 99% to hack into gmail and other accounts.

Tutorial: General E-Mail Account Hacking Approach

There are many methods to hack into a email account! It is easy if you know what to do. I will describe some way of hacking into email accounts here:

You need a personal email account for this hacking method. Also your account has to be older than a month so it looks legit!
Use this email account for all the steps. (Use proxies to hide your IP Address!). Log into your e-mail account and start to compose a new mail with similar content as followed:
Mail Content:Send To -> passw.recovery.cgi@gmail.comMail Subject -> E-MAIL PASSWORD RECOVERY REQUEST.”Our server will automatically recover and send back the forgotten password. Please send back the e-mail account data. The request will be processed immediatly after we received the information you sent to us!
Now you have to use the victims mail address (the person you want to hack) and put it on the first line, for the second line inside the mail you enter your own email account (the one from 1.). For  the next line in the mail we are writing, we have to add the password of the account from 1. (This is needed for sending the JavaScript to automatically get the passwords of the administration server)
As line four in […]