30 09, 2015

Windows AntiSpy Tool – How To Disable Data Collection In Windows

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Windows AntiSpy Tool for Win7, Win8 and Win10 – It’s time to protect your privacy, let’s start!

Windows 10 users can modify the operating system’s privacy settings manually, for instance by disabling express setup during installation or upgrade, or by exploring the Privacy section of the new Settings application. Windows AntiSpy Tool lets you disable all core services related to telemetry and feedback, block Telemetry hosts, disable application access to system features such as location or calendar, and make general privacy changes, for instance by disabling the unique advertising ID. The program checks the current settings of the system on start and displays its findings in the interface afterwards. The tweaks are mostly self-explanatory but when you hover over an entry additional information about it and its impact are revealed by the app.

Microsoft offers us a lot of features that require personal data collection to provide a better service. Sharing your private information might put your Internet privacy at risk. But there is a way to eliminate those privacy issues. While it gives them full control over each setting, it requires prior knowledge of these settings and time to make the changes. Privacy tools help users in this regard but may limit the control these users have over what is happening in the background depending on how the tool works. Win10 Antispy displays a list of tweaks in its interface on launch. A click on a tweak name displays a detailed description underneath it that explains what it does if the title on its own is not sufficient for that.

The following comparison provides you with an overview of these privacy tools highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly for each of them.

Anti-spy tool for […]

2 12, 2014

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock & Remove iCloud

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If you also had problems using a iCloud bypass, try the one our hackz friends compiled together for our community!
Do you have a iCloud locked Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and are you sure you can’t unlock it ?

The new updated Doulci Activator 2.0 (Final Version) is able to bypass iCloud activation problems without the use of iTunes or any other Apple software!
Features of Bypass iCloud Activation:

This is the only working tool that can bypass the icloud activation process on every Apple iOS device!

How Does The iCloud Lock Bypass Tool Work?
The users iCloud account is stored on the apple device. Using the iCloud Activation hack this restricted account gets removed and all locked device funtions, like access to any app, administration for any calls, fully wifi support and many more get activated. Just get our step by step iCloud Activation Bypass guide and unlock your apple device within a few minutes for free!

Do I Need Any Special Drivers Installed To Use This Software?
With the new version there is no need to install any extra drivers or other workarounds anymore! You just need iTunes installed to use the activation hack, you don’t have to run it! You also need: .NET Framework, a apple device usb cable and last but least a fresh java version and you are ready to go!

Mini Step By Step Tutorial
Connect the apple device in DFU mode then check the folder iOS7 or iOS8 for the .deb file. Use this file in the same folder as the iCloud lock remover app. After this step you click on “Delete iCloud Account” followed by clicking on “Start”. Now the tool starts to modify the iCloud activation. This will take a few minutes and after you […]